Image and Corporate Identity

Image and Corporate Identity

Difference between Image and Corporate Identity

First of all, quixtarstudio stresses that success depends on the image and corporate identity of your company. Actually, corporate identity is the difference of your business from other companies in the market. That is, the characteristics of your company.

On the other hand, the corporate image is the opinion of the public, to which the company is directed. With which, that perception is created over time as a result of the experiences or interactions that the audience has with the brand.

Elements of a Corporate Identity

For this reason, quixtarstudio refers as corporate identity, to the name of the company, colors, typography and iconography. Because, these factors are implemented in various formats such as business cards, company's signature, website, social networks, email marketing, store / office sign, leaflets, brochures, or catalog. In conclusion, the corporate identity is objective, it is tangible and it can be managed internally.

Elements of a Corporate Image
Also, you must make sure that your customers are satisfied. Both in the purchase process and in the after-sales service. because you ensure that they have a positive user experience in all aspects. When they create a good corporate image they will recommend you and make you grow over time. In summary, the corporate image is subjective and its result does not depend on the brand since it is the opinion that its clients are created, based on their experiences.

Image and Corporate Identity and Much More More

Therefore, if you need help to develop a corporate identity that favors the perception that your customers and future customers of your company have and generates a better user experience, we are here to serve you. In fact, we design the best corporate identity so that your business projection reaches the right customers. We listen to your proposals and needs to perfect your portal.

Finally, we guide you to elevate your site to a higher recognition position. Due to professional web developers, who will give you the maximum guarantee to cultivate a good image in the virtual world. Additionally, we make continuous evaluations of your website. Because we want to have good results and that our customers are satisfied. So, let's talk about business and grow your company.

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