What is SEO and What relationship does a Website have?

What is SEO and What relationship does a Website have?

In simple terms, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) applies to the set of strategies used to make a website appear in the first place or at least in the first Places of the results thrown by google, bing or yahoo after a related search.

Let's explain in detail. When a user searches for a topic of interest in search engines, they display a list with related results. So the order shown by the search engines is not casual. On the contrary, they show in the first places the sites that best respond to the user's search. In other words, the most valuable in structure, content and usefulness for the cybernaut.

In this way we can say that the website is optim.

How does SEO benefit my website?
To understand it better let's go a little bit in the story.

Website optimization began in the mid 90's. By then the search engine Yahoo offered a process of manual indexing. Which improved the position of the sites in the list of results.  This, significantly increased the profits to the owners of websites.

In this sense, they concluded the importance of search engines to position their pages. Finally the birth of Google sentenced the birth of SEO.

Now we can get an idea of ​​how convenient SEO is for any business.

Search engines use different factors to rank websites. By way of introduction, we will mention some that we will deal with later on. Content quality,  speed others.

Increasingly, virtual platforms are gaining ground. Now people can perform different tasks with few clicks from anywhere. For this, use the different search engines whose favorite is the popular Google. Therefore we will take it as a reference.

A website that appears on the first page of Google results is already a triumph. So, there is more likelihood of buying a product or service. In fact, the purchase intention is almost null from the second page.

Statistically we affirm that 70% of users visit the first 5 links that appear on the first page of results. 30% for the rest. Better yet, the first place has a lot more clicks than the last.

To this we add: trust, identity, loyalty and reference.

How to apply Seo to my site?

From this moment we will provide valuable information on positioning in search engines.  In the same way you will know  techniques to increase  traffic on your page.

Organic SEO.

Apply techniques to increase the relevance of websites in search results free of charge. Thus, we say that we achieve a natural positioning.

On the other hand, positioning can be done on a pay basis. We can see it at the top of the Google results list, above the organic results. You will wonder how to achieve the first position? simple who pays more is who has the position of honor. In this way, the others will appear in the list.

If you are interested in this payment option Google Adwords offers excellent services.

When placing a website, the search engines take into account different aspects. Two of them are very important. We refer to authority and relevance.

The authority creates the content of the website. That is, how good the information is for the user. So the search engine classifies visibility.

The relevance define the correspondence between the text of a web with the term sought by the user. It does not mean constantly repeating keywords inside the text.  if not select the best keywords,  good content, main title, subtitle, etc.

Ways to apply SEO

We found two ways to apply SEO: onsite and offsite. The order of execution is equivalent to the names of each one. Although both are necessary to attract traffic, we must start within the site. Next we will discuss in detail both terms:

The Seo Onsite; refers to making any changes to the website so that the search engine understands its content. In this way advance to the first positions in the results.

The main techniques include:

Titles, subtitles and descriptions. All three must be related through keywords and provide a clear idea of ​​what the content is about. It is important to comply with this rule because it constitutes the starting point in tracking by Google.

The titles must contain between 60 and 70 characters. No more there. The characters - or | separate or complement phrases.

Content. The content is key to gain confidence in the readers and in effect reach popularity. We suggest naturalness when creating an article. The distribution of keywords that does not exceed 4%. Finally, that the text contains a value close to 800 words.

Header tags. There are 6 levels ranging from <h1> to <h6> which organize the content. The main title must have the first level and throughout the text use them from the second level onwards.

Images. It is important to use images in the pages or blog posts. Also, place title or alternative text to the same referring to the idea of ​​the article.

Internal links. Within each entry or page is necessary the correct use of links to other publications or pages of our site. This will help the search engines to better indexing.

External links.  Insertion of links in pages or articles that point to other websites whose content is related to others. A great advantage is the feedback as we also get inbound links on our site.

Friendly urls. During the crawling process it will be much better to have urls that contain content-oriented words. So the search engine will understand what you are tracking.

Adaptive site. Search engines, especially google, love web sites displayed correctly from any device. It is one more reason to climb one more step in the classification.

Important details for SEO on the site

Other important points to keep in mind are:

Upgrade. Google prefers new or updated information to position it.

Loading time. A slow website to load generates abandonment by the user. This creates the rebound effect. So Google will not waste time indexing it.

SSL certificates. Well-positioned sites have protocolhttps in their url. Like the external links present in its different pages. Therefore, the search engine understands that the site is safe.

Seo offsite. They are web optimization strategies applied from external platforms. So improve the positioning in the search engines.

There are external factors to optimize the web. The principal seeks links to our site from other pages. For this it is essential to have quality content. Thus, share information more times by users from social networks. Thus the Page Rank increases the score of the site and places it in the best search positions.

In this way the user and other important websites refer to the site as complementary information. The more quality links enter the same site, the greater the trust that the search engine has towards it.

In the case of social networks, it is important to create a relationship with users. In other words, keep users informed with news about the topic of your site. Therefore the user comments, asks  or shares the content Because of its importance.

We can not ignore the influence that directories have on clients. It is an advantage to have your company registered on these platforms versus those that are not. Without a doubt, they are an anchor to reach your business faster.

Lists or directories expose key data about products and services. The user who uses these tools has greater purchase intention.

Comments by qualified users are a great help to climb steps in the ranking of search engines.

How to position my page in google?

You can see that there are different options to increase the reputation of a website in the search engines. In fact Google takes more than 100 factors, but the aforementioned are the most popular.

Basic techniques help increase the popularity of the web. It is a great advance to achieve the proposed objective that can have effects in months or years. For this reason, the implementation of deeper strategies is necessary to complete the initial step in less time.

For this work the market has digital marketing specialists with the ability to increase the prestige of any website quickly. Such is the case of Quixtarstudio, which has an expert staff both to attract traffic and to build loyalty.

Our team knows exactly what factors Google takes into account when deciding the order of results. We apply the best onsite and offsite techniques to enter your site in the top positions of the top google.

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