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  • Web Design

    Design, implementation and maintenance of websites, excellent user experience.

  • Development

    Web sites with the best software technologies on the server side.

  • Internet Marketing

    We pass your company to the network, achieving interactivity with the user.

  • Logo Design

    We create corporate identity, specialists in the field are at your disposal.


    Web Design

    At Quixtarstudio we provide technological solutions to those who require it. We are a solid company and specialist in several areas and professional web design can not miss. Our specialists dedicate all their experience and creativity in innovative web designs flexible and adaptable to any device.

    It is no secret that now transactions, business and various tasks are through the most ambitious network in the market. We refer to the world wide web. That is why anyone performs their activities from the comfort of their home, office or anywhere in the world.

    In minutes you close important business in your life with just a few clicks in a simple and safe way. Diversity of designs await you. In the same way we work from different platforms adapted to your style.

    Your browsing experience will be different thanks to our lightweight, powerful designs and well- organized structure.In a short time you will have a website ready to project your company.

    Our unbeatable prices Contact us and you will have the best quote.

    Positioning Seo

    To succeed in the world of online business, you do not just need a good website.It is also necessary to have excellent information that pleases both the search engines and the user.In this way Google and other search engines position your site in the top positions after a query.

    Our company puts effort and heart to all our activities and the content is clearly our principal objective. Not in vain they say "Content is king". We provide the best information to the user, using the most requested key terms and following correctly positioning protocols.

    Likewise, we take care that the information covers all the needs of our clients, at the ideal time. Therefore we guarantee authority and trust to the sites of our clients.This through the best strategies applied in Content Marketing. In short, an excellent technique to attract potential customers.

    We will clarify all your doubts to contact us. Do not wait more. Live unforgettable experiences with the best.

    Graphic Design

    A successful website consists of good structure and organization of the content that gets the attention of the visitor. The information presents different formats that cover not only textual but also multimedia. Among them we mentioned Images and videos and other graphics.That is, the graphic part that gives a dynamic and aesthetic touch to the web.

    Quixtarstudio, has a talented team of graphic designers ready to show the world their best creations. From simple to complex projects:

    • Digital Retouching
    • Logos
    • Banners for websites
    • Advertising images for social networks
    • Design of digital albums
    • Montajes

    Regarding logos, we offer you to improve the current one or start a new one.We analyze your market area and based on it, make the best decision to design your company.A good logo design is part of your corporate identity and in this we have proven quality.

    Corporate Identity:

    The perception of consumers about a company, product or service depends on their identity corporate. The latter in turn is part of the consolidation of a brand. It generates trust and preference in the users in front of the competitors.

    Quixtarstudio is here to help your company boost its brand with the creation of a good corporate identity that generates an excellent visual image of it. Our experts analyze the essence of the company, its philosophy, values ​​and based on it build your own identity.

    We will create all the necessary elements to create your brand image: Name, Logos, stationery, visitor cards, web pages, etc.

    Our prices are the best in the market. Contact us and expand this and other information.

    Our work in figures


    Website Design


    Webs Development


    Logo Design


    Email Addresses



    Our own creativity and style is our strength.

    Pricing plan

    The Hosting and Domain are included for one year. The renewal is voluntary.

    Enterprise Package


    Contacts Form
    2 Design Proposals
    Slideshow of Images
    Hosting & Domain Included
    Logo design
    Custom Email Accounts
    Deadline: 2 Weeks

    Corporate Package


    Contacts Form
    3 Design Proposals
    Slideshow of Images
    Hosting & Domain Included
    Logo design
    Custom Email Accounts
    Social Network Integration
    Deadline: 2-4 Weeks

    E-commerce Package


    Shopping Cart
    Product Catalog
    Blog y Social Network
    3 Design Proposals
    Slideshow of Images
    Hosting & Domain Included
    Logo design
    Custom Email Accounts
    Deadline: 2-4 Weeks

    Professional Logos Design

    At Quixtarstudio we have a staff of graphic designers available with excellent ideas that perfectly match your needs. We have a wide catalog of models. Contact us, tell us more about your company and in a short time you will have the ideal model for your brand.

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